The Clockwork Faerie ~the Assemblage Act I

by The Clockwork Faerie

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Act I
i am the Inventor! johanna Blackstone and i'm going to tell you a story of love, death, mysterious song and my greatest achievement, the invention of The Clockwork Faerie. This is Act I of The Clockwork Faerie ~the Assemblage.


released June 20, 2015

The Clockwork Faerie

Music & Lyrics by johanna Blackstone
Musicians: johanna Blackstone, Gerrit Haasler, Fred Hageneder, Jamie Collier, Andy Jones, Justus Maaz

Recorded at Radio Transmission Music, Andy Jones 2013
Mixed & Mastered at Blackstone Studios, Gerrit Haasler

Radio Transmission Music & Clockhouse Society



all rights reserved


The Clockwork Faerie Berlin, Germany

To tell a story... That is the meaning of my song.
The story of forever... Ticking on and on and on...

We are the Assemblage. Through our efforts we have created The Clockwork Faerie~ the music that one hears.

I am the Inventor! johanna Blackstone. Singing, bowing my cello, strumming my ukulele and occasionally striking my piano. I am the heart and the gears of this machine.
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Track Name: Time
The time, the time has come at last
The time, the time has come to pass

A day ago I went away
to see how far that I could stray
and there she was standing sweet
amongst the beautiful trees
she stood so still, I came so near
I brushed my cheek upon her skin
she smelled of rose and lavender
she whispered in my ear:

The time, the time has come at last
The time, the time has come to pass

I did not know the words she spake
but still they carry me far away
and there we were amongst the stars
shining like the sun,
I did not dare to run

The time, the time has come at last
The time, the time has come to pass

I closed my eyes and stole a kiss
and there I felt the lasting bliss
and falling, falling back to earth
the fire blazed within
and there I felt my sin
Oh lovely angel fly with me
carry me on your wings
I do not wish to part from you
that now you stole my heart

The time, the time has come at last
The time, the time has come to pass

A day ago I met a girl
she sang to me and kissed me sweet
I'll love her now and then I know
but now the time and I must go

The time, the time has come to pass
The time, the time will come at last
Track Name: Joel
I hold you in my hand
I hold you in my hand
I hold you in my hand
I hold you in my hand

I feel the breeze
Feel the breeze (Feel your breeze)
I sing to thee (I Sing for thee)
I sing to thee (I Sing for thee)

Dead Joel
Dead Joel
Dead Joel
I know...
Track Name: Dreams of You
I am walking
to meet you
in the deepness
of me

In the trees
one can see me
I am looking
at you

Through my eyes
you will see why
I dream
for you

In your skin
I rest
deep within
your breast

I am walking
to meet you
in the deepness
of me
Track Name: Pillars of Truth
It's hard to be so in love
Afraid it may all just melt away

In an age of doubt and mistrust
how do we ever be a true lover

aren't we all scared to fall
what if they drop us even harder

How do we break down these walls
and let someone fully in
the places we've worked so hard
to keep covered?

But those heroes do come
to brave those treacherous defenses
and tear through every flaw
to uncover our true selves
that they so long to know

and through their battle
they lost all their armor
and they stand at our gates
completely bare.

They too have shed their barriers
and are now ready to come in~
Just as weary and slow to take charge.

They've both been fooled before
and there's no way to settle the score

They both hope for the best
and accept they both wanted the Quest

It certainly was easier
to just stay away
but now they've come face to face

Can this be true~
they've entered a vacuum
where time stands still
and nothing else matters
but the time spent together?

Can this state protect them from harm~
showing them it's okay to stay unarmed?

They want to trust
and believe in true love
but it's more challenging
than any other battle
and they're still afraid the other
might use them for collateral.

But how could they not go all the way~
they fought so hard
to just turn and walk away

So here they are now
on the brink of defeat~
this is no time to get cold feet.

How will they last both so afraid
that this too will pass

But they decide to stand strong
and hope to live long
so they can be the example
that standing together
against all odds
united as one
they will never succumb
to the idea of defeat
and the doubt we all want to preach

These two are the pillars~
the foundation of change~
proving that true love isn't that strange.

It took hard work
to chip away the clay
but out of the dust
came the pillars of trust.

These two will love as never before
and stand tall in the center of it all
as a living tribute to the battle won
That Love will prevail
despite our own feelings of despair

Break open your cages
and let yourself be free
You will not fall
and they will not drop you

You will soar on the breeze
and your minds can be at ease
This is the hour of Love~
we've sent the peaceful dove
The war can end
and our hearts can ascend
to this blissful place
where we can all show our true face
and live in love
'til the end of time~
where the words no longer
have a need for rhyme

It's not a fairy tale~
told to show how we all have failed

This is the true life
and it's all within our right
to find our true mate~
and not just some stalemate

And through our commitment
we'll rebuild a city
that's not covered in steel
so nothing can be revealed.
It'll be an open place
where each lover can find an open space
to plant her roots
and entwine with another
to grow a tree of unending fruits
that will live on in peace
and there we can all just simply be.